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What is Tilt Vision?

Tilt Vision Art is a gallery built for the future. A future where art culture is a part of everyone's life. Our mission is to democratize art for the collector and creator. Through a virtual gallery, shop, and media series, Tilt Vision showcases a variety of professional artists who understand the importance of exceptional quality and work ethic.

The Team

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Brad Smith

After 43 years as one of a handful successful mural artists in Texas, Brad Smith is spearheading Tilt Vision. With his style, work acumen, and experience, he ensures our art is meaningful and top-quality.

Kay Ray

Kay Ray is an abstract artist who paints her true colors through expressive motion, evocative pallets, and true insight. While creating breathtaking art, she also directs the Tilt Vision gallery.

Cameron Smith

Cameron J Smith is a filmmaker and our Media Director. For over a decade, Cameron has created documentaries about artists from all mediums. Through his skilled camerawork and editing style, he brings an insightful perspective to the Tilt Vision stories.

Tabaka Matos

Hailing from a long line of master sculptors from Angola, Tabaka was immersed in the craft from a young age. Now in America, the prolific creator, infuses traditional African art techniques with American ideas to create entirely new and mesmerizing pieces.

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